A Couple of Award Winning Bro's Capturing Your Beautiful Memories The Way They Deserve To Be Captured; Perfectly.

We are Weaver & Waters wedding photography! We are a pair of geeky best friends that fell in love with sharing memories with people on one of the biggest days of their lives! Furthermore, we get to capture the day in it's most natural beauty and then deliver these memories back to the people that entrusted us to be their eyes for the day.

Boy Oh Boy, Are We Proud!

We have been working our little socks off for so long! Fortunately, our clients never fail to tell us how well we did and now, we have won our first award with Hitched LTD for customer service. Hitched is the number one app for booking your wedding day and we are proud to say that we are award winning vendors on their platform.

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Proud Associates of The Circle Centre

The autistic and neurodiverse community has always been something very close to our hearts. We believe and support a future where the stigma of autism is forgotten and acceptance of all neurodiverse individuals is widely celebrated. At the Circle Centre in Buckinghamshire, the team are providing children with the necessary skills and tools to navigate a world not catered to them. We stand with the Circle Centre in their quest to a more understanding world that these children will grow up in.

Proud Supporters of Harry's Rainbow

It is our belief that all children need their parents to guide them through life. Harry's Rainbow is a charitable organisation that supports children whose parents have unfortunately passed through many different means. The support and love that Harry's Rainbow provides these children is incredible and we are very proud to support them through their campaigns.

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